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MOJOSTUDIO recording vocals since 1994 WHERE VOCALS COME TO LIFE.

Recording +


capturing emotions.

Mixing +


blending sources.

Mastering +


striving for perfection.

About Us

A beat is the foundation, but vocals are the mojo of music. They add personality, meaning, soul and magic to it. That’s why we at MojoStudio in Berlin focus on recording and mojoing the human voice.

We started to record, mix and master vocals in 1994 specializing in Black Music, in particular Caribbean music styles like Reggae, Dancehall & Soca. We’ve already had famous stars and great newcomers in the MojoStudio and won a few awards with our productions. But don't get this wrong, we’re not a big studio – we're keeping it personal. Our studio is strictly private and designed to make every artiste and vocalist feel just like home. As a result, here's the place where the mojo in vocals comes to life...

Since 1994.

Caribbean Music.

Award winning.

Our Services

Don't be satisfied with good sound. In this business 'good' is just mediocre. It's your art, your product, your blood, sweat and tears. So what you actually want is outstanding sound, right?

Let our award winning MojoStudio engineers with more than 20 years of experience bring out the mojo in it. We're not satisfied unless you are – that's our definition of service.




Our Equipment

In 2008 we went ‘all digital’ and ever since we’ve been recording with Logic Pro. We only use some of the greatest analogue equipment ever made, Brauner microphones and Universal Audio preamps, to get real life vocals into the digital world. Once we're there, we unleash the beasts of high class mixing and mastering software from Universal Audio, Neve, SSL, Pultec, Lexicon, Ampex, Studer, Slate Digtal, iZotope and many more. Especially for vocals we have Autotune, Melodyne and Revoice Pro on board.

Now if this all sounds like Chinese to you, don’t worry... We'll make your vocals sound like mojo heaven.

The MojoStudio
The MojoStudio
The MojoBooth
The MojoBooth
The MojoSystem
The MojoSystem
Our References

We've won several awards including an SAE Almuni Award for best music production and an International Soca Award. But we're even more exited that we've had the chance to work with some of the greatest artists from the Caribbean and outstanding talents from Europe in the MojoStudio Berlin. Here are a few of them...

Bunji Garlin +

Bunji Garlin

Million Stylez +

Million Stylez

Fay Ann Lyons +

Fay Ann Lyons

Shurwayne Winchester +

Shurwayne Winchester

Skinny Fabulous +

Skinny Fabulous

Marlon Asher +

Marlon Asher

Megaloh +


Problem Child +

Problem Child

Benjai +


Peter Ram +

Peter Ram

Boone Chatta +

Boone Chatta

Jamesy P +

Jamesy P

Contact Us

Hey there, here's where you'll find us.


12161 Berlin, Germany

Email: contact @ mojostudio . de

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